K-BACH Sustaining Members of the Month

K-BACH Sustaining
Members of the Month

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Mr. and Mrs. John Edington

Mr and Mrs. John Edington

“Listening to such inspiring music creates a pleasant environment to complete any task whether driving, reading or even cooking – everything is better!”

March 2014

Mr. Chris Samonte                          Mr. Chris Samonte

"It's my audio oasis in the desert -- and everywhere else I travel.  I'm in the airline industry and it's great to know that wherever I end up for the day, K-BACH is only a click away. This is a recent photo of me, taken in NYC's Central Park.  (and yes! back in my hotel room, K-BACH was streaming away...) " 

February 2014

Yvonne BeattieMrs. Evonne Beattie

"K-BACH is important to me because it has been the sound of our home since its beginnings – as was KONC before that.  Our children and grandchildren who may prefer other music know they are home when they enter the house or the car and hear K-BACH playing.  It is the sound of home, peace and tranquility."

December 2013

Ms. JoAnne Smith

"K-BACH is important to me because I can always count on hearing quality music whenever I tune into the station.  I don’t have to decide what to listen to on a device: good music and interesting information is there.  That frees me to keep my energy focused on the decisions I need to make and keeps me relaxed so I can carry out my tasks more effectively."

November 2013

Ms. Rebecca Cedarquist

“K-BACH is important to me because, although I like most types of music, classical music speaks to my soul, nourishes my brain, and makes me feel good. K-BACH is the only radio station that I can listen to consistently.  I hear my old favorites and learn about new music and that is such a joy. “

October 2013

Ms. Ruth Paltridge

“It is, as far as I know, the one and only classical station in the whole valley.  It is the only station my car, alarm clock and house radio know how to play.  It is wonderful to just tune in and be able to enjoy great programming at anytime.  Thank you.”

September 2013