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 KBACH Estate Planning

Leave a Gift in Your Will

A charitable bequest is a gift made from your estate to a charitable organization through your will. This is a vital way of providing long-term support for charitable organizations that are important in our lives, like KBACH 89.5 FM.

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Accomplish Your Objectives

Your personal objectives will determine the exact form of a bequest. You can provide for your loved ones and receive tax benefits while making a lasting contribution to the programs you value on KBACH.

Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful opportunity to ensure that public radio stays strong for future generations.

Lasting Rewards

  • Feel good about supporting an important cause
  • Support KBACH
  • Support a special project or program
  • Realize financial rewards for your estate, your family, or other beneficiaries
  • Give a gift “in honor of” with a memorial bequest

Receive Tax Benefits

When you include KBACH in your estate plans, you will receive tax benefits that may provide you with more discretionary income that will benefit you, your family, and KBACH.

  • Receive deductions for charitable bequests
  • Minimize the impact of taxes for your beneficiaries

Check with Your Advisor

Please check with your advisor to ensure you comply with legal requirements and to learn how the current estate tax law affects tax deductions for your estate plan.

Planning for the Future

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your charitable bequest so that you may achieve maximum benefits and personal satisfaction and to ensure that your bequest plays a meaningful role in perpetuating your life values and in sustaining the future of public radio.

We sincerely hope that you will include us in your estate plan. Your generous support will help us plan for the future.

It’s As Easy As 1–2–3

  1. Include Public Radio in Your Will

    Decide to include KBACH in your will or codicil (a simple amendment to your will). You may also specify one of our ongoing projects.

  2. Decide on the Gift

    Decide what type of gift you would like to make. There are three types of bequests:

    • Outright: specify a sum of money or a percentage of the estate net value
    • Deferred: provide immediate benefits to individual beneficiaries with KBACH receiving the bequest at a later time
    • Residual: KBACH receives the bequest after all costs, debts, and taxes have been paid and all other bequests have been satisfied.

    Please contact us to discuss language that would best meet your needs to be sure we are able to apply the bequest in accordance with your wishes.

  3. Direct Funds to Friends of Public Radio Arizona

    Include the Friends of Public Radio Arizona (FPRAZ) tax ID# 01-0579687 in your will or codicil. FPRAZ is the entity that stewards all charitable gifts to KBACH.

Leave Your Vehicle to KBACH in Your Estate Plans

Simply designate Friends of Public Radio Arizona (FPRAZ) as a beneficiary in your estate by using Tax ID# 01-0579687 and follow these two steps:

  1. Download the form “Beneficiary Designation – For Vehicle Title Transfer Upon Death” from ADOT’s website, fill out the form, and staple it to your car’s title.
  2. When available, notify KBACH of your plans by going to or by calling (602) 526–3157. Your vehicle will be towed at no cost to your estate, and your estate will receive a tax deduction.

Legacy Society Members

We gratefully acknowledge Legacy Society Members who have included a charitable bequest to KBACH in their estate plans.

Their support gives KBACH the ability to continue providing an important community service and the financial freedom to adapt and grow with changing needs.

We recognize our Legacy Society Members with special opportunities and benefits throughout the year.

Watch These Videos to Learn More

Below, you’ll see a library of 15 videos with easy-to-understand information on estate planning and charitable giving opportunities. Just click the menu icon in the top-right-hand corner to browse our Estate Planning playlist on YouTube.



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Gifts to KBACH are made possible through Friends of Public Radio Arizona (FPRAZ), which was founded in 2001. FPRAZ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that ensures the future vitality and excellence of our community’s public radio and broadens its support. FPRAZ’s tax ID# is 01-0579687.


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