Paul Harvey Jr.'s "Picturing Rachmaninoff"

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(Courtesy of artist Steven Cook)

Paul Harvey Jr. has had several careers and identities but his own achievements are sometimes overshadowed by his famous father, Paul Harvey, who for nearly 60 years was a presence on Americans radios with his programs, “Paul Harvey News and Comment” and later “The Rest of the Story,” the latter written by the younger Paul Harvey who was already a classical pianist.

This Saturday, November 30th, 7:30pm,the Oracle Piano Society will present the younger Paul Harvey’s “Picture Rachmaninoff” in Tucson’s Desert View Performing Arts Center.  Starring Artistic Director and pianist Stephen Cook, the one man show is a celebration of Rachmaninoff’s Etudes Tableaux with, poetry, images and a human portrait of a great pianist and composer. -Sterling Beeaff

For tickets,lodging and concert details, please visit Tickets are also available via phone: 520.825.2818.


Please note: Friends of Tempe Center for the Arts will present the Oracle Piano Society's performance of Paul Harvey Jr.'s "Picture Rachmaninoff" at the Tempe Center for the Arts on January 4th, 2014 @ 7:30pm.