Weekends on KBACH

If you don’t usually listen on the weekends, you’re missing some great stuff! Download the KBACH mobile app and listen from wherever the weekend takes you.

Full Works Friday Night (7PM - 12AM)
We kick things off with Full Works Friday Night, where we play one complete masterpiece after another, all evening long. 

Saturday Classics (6AM - 6PM; 7PM - 12AM)
Sterling Beeaff eases you into Saturday with classics perfectly suited for a leisurely weekend morning. Brian Smith and Matt Rogers carry you through the day with music to make those weekend chores more fun. And when it's time to relax in the evening, Duart Martin fills your home with classics to help wind down the day.

Reel Music (Saturday 6PM)
Grab a treat from the snack bar, and join host Matt Rogers for an hour of themes from some of your favorite movies.

Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona (6AM - 10AM)
For more than twenty years, KBACH listeners have been waking up on Sunday to the sounds of Bach and his buddies. Tune in, and hear why host Suzanne Bona has such a connection with classical music lovers.

The Mozart Buffet (Sunday 12PM)
Matt Rogers presents a Sunday lunchtime feast of favorites from Mozart and his contemporaries, and he shares some interesting morsels about the music.

Sunday Classics (10AM - 12AM)
Wind down the weekend and get ready for the week ahead with good company and your favorite classics. Matt Rogers, Brian Smith, and Charlotte Wilson are your happy hosts.

Turn on KBACH, and see how much better weekends sound!