KBACH's $1.3 Million RENOVATION Campaign

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KBACH main studio with pieces of equipment highlighted

You depend on KBACH to bring you the music that has stood the test of time. But technology moves fast.

In 2001, the first Apple stores opened. Intel released the 1.3 GHz Pentium 4 processor. And KBACH installed new on-air and production studios.

In 2021, Apple’s quarterly revenue is forecast to reach $100 billion for the first time. Intel announces it will introduce more than 50 processors, resulting in more than 500 new designs for laptops and desktops coming to market in 2021. And KBACH still uses the same—now obsolete—2001 technology.

After 20 years of service, KBACH broadcast technology needs an upgrade.

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Console board with audio sliders in red circle

1) Main Console

KBACH’s main audio console in the master control room combines multiple streams of audio into what you hear on 89.5 FM, the KBACH mobile app, streaming online, or your smart speaker. KBACH’s hosts use this console to select their microphone when announcing musical works, a guest microphone when interviewing artists, all the music that comes from our automated system, remote sources, and local programs like Arizona Encore, ASU in Concert, or the Phoenix Symphony.

Gray countertop with rounded edges

2) Studio Furniture

KBACH’s current audio console sits semi-recessed into a custom countertop. But a new audio console will have different requirements, so we will need to replace the current desktop with a new, resin-based one.

A black sound speaker

3) Speakers

These speakers play KBACH in the control room but are muted when KBACH hosts put on headphones and go live to bring you information about the music you just heard or updates on the weather or traffic reports. These speakers are bulky and outdated and will be replaced with more energy-efficient models.

A computer screen with multiple elements and windows

4) Automation System

Our automation system is a critical piece for making KBACH the place that’s always there for you, playing classical music without any commercials or interruptions. KBACH hosts use this platform to craft balanced playlists of classical music that suit the time of day, whether first thing in the morning or late at night. Replacing outdated hardware with a new automation system would also allow us to upgrade to a more secure, modern operating system.

Carpet tiles in a dark and light gray checkerboard pattern

5) Floors & Wiring

Did you know that KBACH has floating studios? If you’ve ever gone on a tour of the KBACH studios, you may remember walking up a gentle incline. That’s because our production studios sit on an elevated floor, beneath which run audio cables that link together the on-air control room, the recording studios, and broadcast facility. These miles of data cables have been in service for two decades and will need to be entirely replaced—all while keeping Classical KBACH on the air.

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