KBACH Leadership Donor Spotlight

KBACH Leadership Donor Spotlight

Leadership Society members are invited to behind- the-scenes events, special invitation-only concerts, and meet-and-greet opportunities with Valley arts leaders.

Mr. John Radway

“Music is more than just entertainment; it is a language.  Classical composers speak directly to us in that language, which needs no translation.  It’s like traveling in a time machine, we are transported into the past and famous composers are telling us about their lives and times and feelings.  What a way to study history!  And it happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on KBACH.  That’s why I support this station as a sustaining member and have provided continuing support in the form of a private foundation grant for the future.”

Ms. Susan Edwards

“KBACH is my respite from the cacophony of modern life. There’s no conflict – only beautiful music, with genuinely nice people hosting. It is the place I go when I need to relax. Or hear myself think. Or concentrate. Oddly enough, it both helps take my brain out of overdrive and kick it into overdrive, but in a constructive way. It is both a wonderful haven and a great friend for me.”

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Granzow

“We love the mixture of newer composers with older ones. The music inspires us!”

Dr. and Mrs. David Frens

"KBACH keeps us well informed socially, culturally and politically on a local, national and worldwide level."

Mr. Daniel Martineau

"KBACH is indispensable to me. Why? Because in this crazy loud cacophonous world of ours, Classical Music is one of the too few sources of peace and calm, order and harmony, Joy both physical and spiritual. As I write this, Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony" is streaming from KBACH out of my computer; through it I know that - despite what you read in the newspapers - Life is Beautiful and All's Right with the World!"

Dr. Jack Sipperley

"I view KBACH as my bridge to normality. After a long day taking care of patients the music is a relaxing interlude. As Heinrich Heineken said, "Music is a strange thing- almost a miracle, for it stands halfway between thought and phenomenon, between spirit and matter."

Mr. and Mrs. James Slavin

"We have been in New York State at beautiful Keuka Lake – one of the Finger Lakes – and we continue to listen to KBACH on the internet. We know that when we tune in to KBACH we will hear music that is familiar and that we enjoy hearing again or that we will hear new music to broaden our listening experience. It is great to be able to bring KBACH with us wherever we go."

Thank you to our Leadership Society Members for their generous support and commitment to public radio!

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